How to Catalogue a Book Collection

Updated February 21, 2017

Books are an intricate part of our lives. They fulfil our needs to escape and live out our fantasies. Keeping up with a large collection of books can be tedious and become a huge headache if you’re unsure of where to begin. If you want to keep notes on your book collection there are many different ways to do it. You can choose the best set-up for your individual preferences by knowing how to get started.

Purchase book-collecting software. There are many forms of book collecting software on the market; some even allow you to simply scan the book’s barcode. Most of them have you enter the ISBN number into the system and your book shows up as part of your collection. You can browse your books, add new ones and remove books all with a few simple clicks of your mouse. Some book-collecting software is free and others may cost a nominal fee. Be sure to check the price before choosing a software service.

Log your books manually. You can always make a simple list of book titles and authors on a Word program on your computer. This will take more time than having a book software but it’s free and you can set it up any way you want to view it.

Use online services. Services like Shelfari are online services and social networks where you can enter your book titles online and do many things with them. You can share with other readers of the same interests, display your virtual bookshelf on your blog or website and just keep documentation of the books you own. Most of these services are free to use and easy to utilise.

Take photos. An easy way to keep up with your books is to simply take photos and put on a disc or online. This isn’t the best way to catalogue your books but it is a way that has other benefits such as homeowner’s insurance records. Having pictures of your books proves that you do indeed own them.


Browse through services before picking just one.

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