How to use epsom salt to clean my colon

Updated February 21, 2017

Epsom salt is a versatile product that is cheap to buy and has many uses. The best-known application of Epsom salt is as a salt bath. Epsom salt is known for its stress relief and ability to soothe aching muscles. The mineral, magnesium sulphate that is found in water, is the ingredient that helps the body. Epsom salt can be used as a salt bath, and it can be used for short-term relief for constipation. Even though Epsom salt is considered a natural healer, if used incorrectly, it can be harmful and toxic to the body. Before using Epsom salt to clean your colon, understand how to use it properly.

Dissolve one to two teaspoons of Epsom salt in 1/2 glass of water. Children six to twelve years old should have 1/2 to one teaspoon dissolved in water. Epsom salt is not recommended for children under the age of six. Repeat in four hour instalments if needed, but do not use more than two doses in one day. The salt will increase water in the intestine and produce a bowel movement in 1/2 to six hours.

Know the warnings of Epsom salt. Never ingest the salt if you have abdominal pain, nausea, or have been vomiting. Do not use it if you have kidney disease. If you have noticed a change in bowel movements that lasts for more than two weeks, do not use this product. It is only meant for short-term constipation. If you are pregnant, do not use this product.

Understand that Epsom salt can cause magnesium toxicity in your body. Hypermagnesemia is too much magnesium in the blood stream. The kidneys cannot handle the excess magnesium. Although this is a rare condition, it is essential that you follow the directions on the Epsom salt container. Before ingesting Epsom salt, it is advisable to speak with a physician and go over all the medication, minerals, vitamins, and herbal products you are taking.

Choose other products for colon cleaning. Because Epsom salt can be toxic, it is advisable to seek a doctor's advise for colon cleansing. Many products on the market are effective. Oxy-Powder is a natural product that is non-invasive. It does not eliminate the good bacteria, but instead it liquefies fecal matter.

Things You'll Need

  • Epsom salt
  • Water
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