How to Make Clowns out of Frosting

While many modern bakers prefer to make decorations for cakes and other desserts from fondant and gum paste, there are many decorations that you can make just using regular butter cream icing and icing tips. One of the decorations possible to make from plain icing is a clown. Make the clown body and head completely from icing, or use a plastic clown head, or a head moulded from gum paste or marshmallow fondant.

Place the star decorating tip in one pastry bag. You will use this tip to make the clown body. Fill the bag with the desired icing colour.

Pipe the icing onto the desired surface at a 90 degree angle. Make a round circle about 2 inches across. After making the base of the circle, gradually pipe the icing up about 3 inches to make the clown body. Keep the icing tip buried inside the icing at all times to keep the icing in one mound.

Pipe two straight lines coming off of the base of the icing mound to make legs. Add an extra lump of icing at the end of the lines for shoes. Make the legs about 2 inches long. Pipe one line from the top of the icing to the side of the body or onto the knees to make an arm. Repeat to make the other arm.

Place the leaf decorating tip into the other pastry bag with the other colour of icing. Pipe a cuff around the top of the icing body and near the bottom of the arms and legs.

Pipe a large sphere of white icing, using a large round decorating tip, on top of the shoulder ruff for the head. Make the head about 2 inches. Use the small round decorating tip to pipe on orange hair, blue dots for eyes, a red smile and a red circle for a nose. Pipe a blue hat shape on the top of the head by starting in a circle and gradually making the circle smaller and smaller until it reaches a point about 1 inch high. Add a small dot of red icing to the top of the hat.


Place a clown head on top of the icing mound to complete the clown figure if you don't want to make the head from icing.

Things You'll Need

  • White, orange, blue and red butter cream icing
  • 2 pastry bags
  • Open star decorating tip
  • Leaf decorating tip
  • Large round decorating tip
  • Small round decorating tip
  • Decorative clown heads
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