How to make a cowgirl costume

Updated July 20, 2017

You have lots of options if you want to dress up as a cowgirl this Halloween as there are many different types of cowgirl outfits to choose from. Whether you're a born Westerner or just Western-curious, you can put together an inexpensive costume to suit your personal style. The cowgirl costume works for both adults and children. However, it's best to keep a limit on the total price of an outfit for a growing young girl.

Visit a thrift store or vintage clothing shop in your area. Look for Western apparel such as a hat, boots, a vest, a belt, straight leg jeans and a brightly coloured embroidered shirt. When purchasing leather, try to find second-hand items in a natural colour. While you're there, see if you can find a colourful bandanna that goes with your blouse.

Purchase trousers, chaps and a plain vest or jacket to create a rough-and-tumble cowgirl. Then add a large leather belt with a huge buckle. For a more feminine look, get a miniskirt and a jacket with lots of leather fringe. For a sexy cowgirl, get tight-fitting jeans or shorts. Add a halter top or tie your western shirt in a knot at the waist. Consider getting items in a cow print, which is a very popular Western pattern.

Add accessories such as a costume gun and holster, a whip or a lasso. You'll get the best prices if you purchase these items from a local costume shop. If you plan to carry a lasso, just attach an ordinary rope to one of your belt loops.

Add some concho jewellery to your cowgirl costume, if you already have some. If not, see if you could purchase the jewellery inexpensively or borrow some from a friend or family member. Jewellery made from turquoise and silver is particularly attractive, but Western costume jewellery makes a nice addition as well.

Style your hair simply. Either go straight and relaxed or big and curly. Apply your make-up in bright, bold colours. Finish your cowgirl costume off with a flowery perfume.


Don't be too concerned about condition issues in the clothing, especially if you only plan to wear the costume once or twice. Negotiate a discount on anything that isn't in the best shape. Make this a group costume by having your boyfriend or husband dress up as a cowboy.

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