How to Draw a Samurai Armor

Updated July 20, 2017

A Samurai's suits of armour feature intricate detail and the finest of craftsmanship. The armour's hundreds of individual pieces sewn together by hand are not only ornate but utilitarian in their purpose of protection. The warrior's intricate armour, face masks and iron plating can be captured in drawings by paying attention to detail.

Sketch out a circle for the head of your armour.

Draw a rectangle as a guide for the chest front piece of the armour.

Add a trapezoid with a wider base as a guide for the armoured skirt.

Use long ovals to roughly sketch out the position of the arms and legs.

Draw a mask on the head. Colour the eyes in black and draw in a frozen, open-mouthed frown. Finish the head by drawing metal flaps hanging down on the side.

Define the shape of the torso by making it similar to the shape of a barrel. Draw curved horizontal lines to simulate the plate armour of a samurai.

Draw several rectangles to finish the look of an armoured skirt. The distribution of the squares should be irregular so that it looks sewn together.

Add plate scales to the arms by drawing small rectangles. Shade in the bottom edge of each rectangle for a more realistic effect.

Draw large solid knee and shin guards on the legs. The knee guards should be roughly circular. The shin guards look like simple tubes.


Reference pictures of various samurai armour to capture distinctions.

Things You'll Need

  • Pencil
  • Paper
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