How to Stop Facial Hair From Growing

Updated March 23, 2017

If you are a man or woman struggling with excessive hair growth, chances are you are looking for a way to stop it. The cost of razors, creams and other products to temporarily remove facial hair can add up, plus, they can also irritate your skin. Explore the possibility of eliminating hair from your face with products on the market that can potentially do this. They don’t work all of the time, but they do at least reduce facial hair growth.

See a laser hair removal specialist. With the use of heat, lasers can deaden a hair follicle and potentially stop facial hair growth. It may take several treatments before you see any results.

Try electrolysis. Electrolysis is a procedure that uses chemicals or heat to destroy the centre of hair growth in a hair follicle. With regular treatments, you can stop hair growth.

Take an herbal supplement. Kalo is an herbal solution that claims to stop hair growth. It is not clinically proven, but offers people who are afraid of chemicals a chance to rid themselves of unsightly facial hair.

Wax your face. The process of waxing your facial hair can inadvertently damage hair follicles and can deaden hair follicles. This event will stop hair growth in certain areas or lighten regrowth.

Apply a prescribed topical cream. Vaniqua is a popular prescription that women seek out in order to stop hair growth. It is clinically proven to work, so visit your doctor and see if you are a good candidate for it.

Pick up an epilator. Epilators are painful to use, but pull hair out from the roots. This process can deaden hair follicles and stop or reduce hair growth.

Swallow an oral medication. Flutamide is an oral medication that slows cell receptors in hair follicles. As a result, facial hair growth stops or lightens up.


Ask the person who is giving you the hair removal treatment in advance if it works on your specific hair type, especially if it is curly.


Don't continue your hair removal treatment if it scars your skin.

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