How to use tea bags for swollen eyes

Updated February 21, 2017

Swollen or puffy eyes are caused when fluid is trapped in the tissue under the eye. This naturally occurs more frequently in the morning, but it can be a problem with allergies, after crying or with a hangover. Any astringent will aid in reducing swollen eyes. An astringent is a chemical that constricts body tissue when applied topically. Tea bags work well because they have natural tannins that act as astringents.

Steep two tea bags in hot water. Chamomile is widely considered the best type of tea to use on swollen eyes. When the tea has steeped remove the bags and allow the wet bags to cool slightly.

Place the warm tea bag on your eyes. Leave the bags on your eyes until they start to feel cool. An alternative is to soak cotton balls with the tea directly from the bag and place the cotton balls on your eyes.

Place the wet tea bags in the refrigerator to cool. This is a matter of taste as some people prefer warm tea bags on their eyelids, and others prefer cool. Cold should act as a natural astringent so cooler tea bags often work faster, but are not as comfortable as warm tea bags.

Lie on your back for a few minutes. Consider putting a towel under your head in case liquid from the tea bags drips.


Orange and black pekoe teas are also popular choices. Raw cucumber, potato or apple slices also work to reduce swollen eyes.

Things You'll Need

  • Tea bags
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