How to make log benches

Updated April 17, 2017

When creating furniture to have a natural flow in the garden, or if you are just needing extra seating in the backyard, making a bench out of a tree is the easiest project to accomplish. A homemade log bench will also be a subject for conversation when friends and family take a seat. In this article, you will learn how to make a simple log bench by using a chain saw. However, depending on your wood carving skills, you can create a masterpiece as detailed as you can imagine.

Choose a tree that has either been recently cut down or has fallen on its own. Hardwood trees, such as oak, hickory or elm, are the best choice for this project.

Cut the tree into the length that you wish to have the bench. When deciding on a length, be sure that you are able to manoeuvre the bench.

Slice the top of the tree bark with a chainsaw, creating an even "seat" for the bench.

Turn the log upside down so that the seat will be on the ground. Making the even seat first will create a flat surface that will hold the log in place while you are carving out the "legs" of the bench.

Carve out notches in a "V" shape with the chainsaw. These notches will be the legs of the bench and will prevent it from rolling when people sit on it.

Wash the log off thoroughly to remove any sawdust or sap from the tree.


If need be, flatten out the bottoms of the legs of the bench in effort to prevent rolling.


Do not use a "sappy" tree such as cedar, pine or maple. Even though they are the most aromatic, they are sticky and extremely messy.

Things You'll Need

  • Hardwood trees
  • Chainsaw
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