How To Block Adult Sites From Children

There are many online sites that are unsuitable for a child's eyes. But some "adult only" sites ask only for a confirmation that someone is over 18 without any more proof than having the visitor click "yes." A child can get to any site that is not blocked by the parent. There are several ways to block websites, and each of them has strong points.

Check your Internet history files. This will tell you if your children are visiting any inappropriate sites. In your web browser, click on the history tab. It should open up as a sidebar. Once this happens, you can check to see what sites your children are visiting. Take note of any that you want to block.

Adjust your privacy settings. In most browsers, the privacy tab is located under Internet options (or options), which is located under the tools tab. Once in the website section, copy the sites that you want to block from the history page, and enter them into the block site space. You can block one site at a time this way. However, in order to block sites that your children have never visited before, you will need to take other steps.

Purchase a site-blocking software package. This will give you the additional security option of blocking any site that may have potentially harmful content from your children. Many of these programs not only block harmful sites, but also are used as a way to see exactly what your children are doing online or on the computer in general. Install the program and set the level of security you want. Usually these programs can be customised to fit your needs.

Check the software and your Internet history after your child uses the computer. If any inappropriate activity is going on, talk to your children about it in a calm manner. If you freak out, your child will try to hide things from you even more.

Place the computer in a well-used area where you can visually keep track of what the children are doing. If the computer is in the same room as you, your children are much less likely to do anything inappropriate. Limit Internet time as much as possible and set clear boundaries for appropriate use.


Some website blocking software can be downloaded from the Internet directly to your computer. These are great programs to use if you are trying to install the software as quickly as possible. Use the help function in your browser if you cannot locate the privacy options tab.


If you find your children using the Internet inappropriately, always keep a cool head. Otherwise they will quit using your computer altogether and continue the inappropriate behaviour at another location.

Things You'll Need

  • Computer
  • Internet service
  • Internet browser
  • Web addresses of offending sites
  • Website blocking software
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