How to Drive a Tank in the UK

When many people think of the ultimate all-terrain vehicle that the typical civilian can drive, many turn to a Hummer. However, few people know that with the proper license you can actually buy and drive a tank. In the UK there are many places that you can both buy and drive a tank as long as you follow the right directions and meet all the necessary requirements.

Go through the proper training. Driving a tank takes much more knowledge than just being able to drive a car. Tanks have many more levers, buttons, and gears that help the tank move and operate while staying under the control of the driver. Keeping this in mind you must first go through an H license training. Having a DSA certified H license will allow you to drive a licensed and approved tank, even on public roads. A link to a training website is provided at the end of this article in the additional resources section.

Buy a tank or rent one from a company that specialises in tank rentals. There are many companies that both sell and offer tank rides and driving opportunities for recreational activity. Contact the appropriate company, reserve your time, and show up to the tank driving grounds for either a lesson in how to drive the tank and license training, or to ride in a tank while a certified driver operates it.

Wear clothing that you don't mind getting dirty. A tank ride or drive is no fun without playing in the dirt and mud, and most tank companies aim to please. You are most likely going to get quite dirty in the process of your tank experience, so avoid wearing white clothing or any type of clothing that you are not willing to get ruined.

Be safe. Before you drive the tank you will be issued a helmet, gloves, and goggles. When just riding in the tank you will only need a helmet. A tank consists of many moving parts and also moves over uneven ground. It is always important to keep safety in mind at all times and keep an open ear to the instructions of your tank driving instructor.

Have fun and live it up. How many people can say that they drove, or even rode in a tank? Bring a camera and be prepared for the ride of your life as you traverse the ground in the ultimate all-terrain vehicle.


Keep in mind that if you cannot drive a car, you probably cannot drive a tank. A regular driver'[s license is a must before you can consider driving a tank. Age limitations may apply, depending on which company you choose to work with.


Be sure to follow instructions thoroughly before, during, and after your drive. You put yourself and others at risk if you do not follow directions appropriately.

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