How to make homemade iced tea

Updated February 21, 2017

To make iced tea at home requires no special equipment and can be done using several methods. Homemade iced tea has a fresher taste and can be sweetened or left natural. By making it at home, you can also mix different types of tea to get just the taste you want. Learning to make iced tea means that you can have a steady supply in the refrigerator all the time and save you money over purchasing bottled tea at the store.

Hob method

Prepare the tea bags by removing any paper tags from the ends of the strings. Plan on 12 to 16 regular sized tea bags for 4.5 litres (a gallon) of fresh tea. Gather the strings together and tie in a knot on the end.

Bring 2.3 litres (2 quarts) of fresh water to a boil. Remove from the heat and drape the tea bags into the water to steep. If desired, use a clothespin to attach the knotted string to the side of the pan. This will allow you to remove the tea bags with less mess.

Let the tea steep for 30 minutes or until the tea water is cool to the touch. Remove the tea bags and pour the tea into a 4.5 litre (1 gallon) glass jar.

Add 2.3 litres (2 quarts) of fresh, cold water to the jar. Sweeten the tea with sugar or sugar substitute if desired. Put the lid on the jar and store in the refrigerator until cold. Serve over ice.

Sun tea

Prepare tea bags in the same way as Step 1 in the previous section.

Fill a 4.5 litre (1 gallon) glass jar with fresh cold water. Drape the tea bags into the jar. Put the lid on the jar loosely but tight enough that it will remain in place.

Place the jar outside in a sunny place. Choose a place that receives full sun for at least six hours and the jar can sit undisturbed.

Bring the jar inside after the tea has brewed. Remove the tea bags, sweeten if desired and chill the tea in the refrigerator. Serve over ice.


If using speciality sized tea bags, follow the recommended amounts on the box for the tea.

Mix and match the many flavoured teas on the market today for variety and unique iced tea taste.

Sun tea is easy to set out in the morning before work and have finished when you return home.

Things You'll Need

  • 2.3 to 3.2 litre (2 to 3 quart) saucepan
  • Tea bags
  • 4.5 litre (1 gallon glass) jar with lid
  • Sweetener (optional)
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