How to Make Wire Celtic Jewelry

Celtic jewellery, as classic as it is beautiful, was created as a tribute to nature by Celtic craftsmen long ago. The Celts implanted their knot work into their swords and shields using gold, silver and bronze. They also created jewellery to adorn their clothing and body. Since there was no recorded language at that time, the symbolism was a way for one generation to pass history down to the next generation. Learning more about Celt symbolism and creating your own Celtic jewellery to express yourself can be enjoyable and quite simple. You can create a treasure for yourself, for a loved one or for profit using the simple steps below.

Choose the type of jewellery you wish to make. Necklaces, bracelets, rings, earrings, or pendants are all quite common pieces.

Choose a design for the piece of jewellery you wish to make. This can be as simple as searching Celtic jewellery online or as complicated as designing your own. Don't forget to choose a symbol that says what you want to express.

Plan out the design. Patterns can be purchased or you can draw out your own design on paper.

Select the type of wire you want to make your jewellery from. The least expensive wire used for jewellery making is copper wire. This can be found at a local hardware store. Another wire that is often used for its various colours is coated wire. This is wire that is coated with enamel to provide a variety of colours. Coated wire can be found at many of the large craft stores. The more expensive wire choices include sterling silver, fine silver, gold-filled, and gold wire.

Choose the wire gauge carefully. The gauge of wire refers to how thick or heavy the wire is. Necklaces and earrings are usually made from a higher gauge while rings, bracelets and pendants are better made from a lower gauge.

Measure the length of wire for your desired jewellery piece. Remember to add a couple of inches to your estimation. This ensures that you will be all right in designing it.

Carefully wind and shape your wire into the design you have chosen using your small nosed pliers. Designs can be created by using a jig or by using solid objects such as a pen or small block of wood to help create a more uniformed look.

Fasten your pieces together with metal clasps as needed.


Using solid objects to wrap the wire around, such as a pen or wooden block, can help create more uniformed results. Jewelry jigs are also available at large craft stores and online. Practice making your first pieces of jewellery with less expensive wire before moving on to more expensive wire.


Keep in mind that metal tools can leave marks on coated wire.

Things You'll Need

  • Wire
  • Wire Cutters
  • Small Nosed Pliers
  • Metal Clasps
  • Pattern
  • Jig
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