How to do a house blessing

Updated March 23, 2017

Many people do a house blessing ceremony when they move into a new home. During a house blessing ceremony, family and friends gather together to dedicate that house to the Lord. A house blessing is done to cleanse the house from any evil spirits and to invite God’s spirit into the home to protect the family and keep them safe.

Ask your pastor or priest to do the house blessing. The pastor or priest at your church can bless your home for you by praying and anointing the rooms in your house.

Invite your relatives and friends to attend your house blessing. Once you’ve confirmed the date with your pastor or priest and family, send out invitations for the event. Let the guests know the type of attire they should wear to your house blessing.

Clean your house before the ceremony. It is important to get rid of all negative or corrupt things from your home before you do the house blessing, such as pornography, illegal drugs or anything that is causing sinful actions to occur in your home. Take a good look at every item in your home and decide whether or not you need to get rid of it to properly cleanse your home.

Allow your pastor or priest to bless your home. During the house blessing ceremony, your pastor or priest goes from one room to another reciting special prayers and Bible scriptures to cleanse the house. As he enters each room, he may choose to anoint all of the doors and windows with oil in order to prevent evil from entering the house and rooms. You and your guests can accompany your pastor or priest as he visits each room in the house.

Hang an appropriate spiritual symbol over the front and back door of the house. At the end of the house blessing ceremony, consider placing an item like a cross above the entrance to the main doors of your house. This provides extra protection, security and peace for you and your family.


Bless your home on a regular basis, maybe once every year, like on New Year’s Day or Easter. Have refreshments available for your guests and play some spiritual music for entertainment.

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