How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a Ford Focus

The fuel filter in your Ford Focus screens dirt and rust particles out of the fuel. Some recommend replacing the fuel filter every 30,000 miles to keep a Focus in good running order. Follow the instructions below to replace the fuel filter on your Ford Focus in under 45 minutes.

Begin by removing the fuse from the fuel pump. Start the engine and allow it to idle until it quits. Crank the engine for about 5 seconds. This will release the pressure from the fuel injection supply manifold. Reinstall the fuse.

Disconnect the battery ground cable then raise and support your Ford Focus. Find the evaporative emission pipe and disconnect it. Locate the fuel filter under the vehicle in the area near the rear suspension.

Remove the fuel line from the end of the fuel filter that the arrow points to. Remove the fuel line at the other end of the filter as well. Take out the filter and its bracket, remove the bolt, and then slide the filter out of its bracket.

Put the new fuel filter in the bracket assembly and secure the bolt. Put the assembly with the filter back in its place. Attach both the fuel lines, making sure the arrow on the fuel filter points toward the engine.

Reconnect the evaporative emission pipe, then reattach the battery ground cable. Check for leaks when you start your Ford Focus.


Press the quick-release tabs on the connectors to remove the fuel lines easily.


Make sure you let the pressure out of the fuel system before you disconnect the fuel lines. Detach the fuel lines with care and don't get fuel on your skin, face or in your eyes. Wipe up any fuel that has spilled before you start your Ford Focus.

Things You'll Need

  • Car ramps
  • New fuel filter
  • Wrench
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