How to throw a baby shower for an adopted baby

Updated February 21, 2017

Adopting a baby is an long and emotional process. One of the best ways to anticipate the new arrival is to throw a baby shower for the soon-to-be mom, dad or both! Throwing a baby shower for an adopted baby should be done a little differently than for a biological baby. This is due to the various ages and heritages of adopted babies when they arrive at their new home. This article will give you some help in planning a shower for an adopted baby.

Talk to the mom-to-be! Usually, the mom will have very specific ideas as to what she wants the theme of the shower to be. If the baby is from another country, the mother may want a cultural theme. For example, a baby being adopted from China might have a Chinese-themed shower. Alternately, the mom of a baby from another country might prefer a traditional shower with a theme such as Winnie the Pooh, since the baby will legally be an American.

Plan far in advance and be flexible. Often, the mom to be does not know exactly when her baby is going to arrive home. Decide if you want to have the shower after the baby arrives or when you think the time might be drawing near. Be prepared to throw a shower at a moment's notice if need be!

Educate your guests. Let them know how old the baby will be upon arriving home so that the guests can buy proper-sized clothing and age-appropriate items and toys. Consider slipping a little paragraph about adoption into each invitation. Sometimes, people who are not informed about adoption will inadvertently insult or offend the adoptive parents-to-be by asking them questions about infertility or implying that an adopted baby is a second-best choice for building a family.

Emphasise the adoption. Post a poem about adoption on the wall or print it on the back of the invitations. Play a trivia game about adoption. If this is an international adoption, you can find out the specifics on where the baby is from and what the culture is like there. You can also ask questions about information on the baby's arrival (if they already have the baby) and interesting adoption titbits.

Go overboard to make this a really special day! Gather your decorations or make your own. Select snacks, food and a cake or other dessert. Plan some games, including party favours. Prepare a special place for the mother-to-be to sit. It is not unusual for an adoptive mother-to-be to feel a little sad about not being able to experience a pregnancy if she is adopting due to infertility. Help her feel special by treating her as you would any other pregnant mother: with lots of love and spoiling!


The following is a popular (and beautiful) adoption poem: Not flesh of my flesh, Nor bone of my bone, But still miraculously my own. Never forget for a single minute, You didn't grow under my heart--but in it. (Copyright © Fleur Conkling Heylinge)


Adoption can be a risky process. It is best to wait until the adoption seems to be a sure thing before you plan a shower. It is sad when a shower is thrown for a baby who never arrives!

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