How to make a kid's pig costume

Pig fancy dress costumes are easy to make. Not the slightest bit skimpy, a pig costume for kids is a wholesome and warm costume to wear on a cool autumn night.

Use a pair of pink tracksuit bottoms and a pink sweatshirt as the base of a pig costume. A sweatsuit is mushy and puffy, and makes a great pig-base. If you want to be a chubbier pig, you can pad yourself with a pillow or sheets of upholstery foam.

Cover a curled piece of wire with pink fabric or ribbon to make a pig's tail. A wire coat hanger is good enough, but you might want to fold it in half so that it is loped at the end so that there are no sharp edges. Bend the wire around a belt buckle and wear the belt backward so that the tail pops out from between the sweatshirt and sweatpants.

Buy a pig's nose mask from a costume store. You can usually find a set that has pig ears and nose together.

Consider drafting two friends to be the three little pigs. Put overalls on top of your sweats (poke a hole for the tail) and carry a brick, a bit of straw and a piece of lumber.


Practice your snorting before the big day.

Things You'll Need

  • Pink sweatsuit
  • Belt
  • Wire coat hanger
  • Pink ribbon or fabric
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