How to buy wholesale maternity clothes

Updated March 23, 2017

Buying maternity clothes wholesale can be done easily and is a way to save money. When you buy maternity clothes at wholesale prices, you can then resell them at a higher markup.

Check out eBay as well as other online auction sites for wholesale maternity clothes. These can include, Amazon and WeBidz. Online auction sites are a great place to find wholesale items for deep discounts.

Check your local maternity store to see if you can buy wholesale maternity clothes directly from them. They may be able to set you up with their suppliers, either directly or indirectly. Keep and eye out for closing maternity shops, since you may be able to buy their stock for a great discount.

Find an outlet mall near you. Outlet malls typically sell items with brand-names for a lot less than you would buy in a retail store. They also like to do large business with other shops, as well as personal contacts. Maternity shops are no exception, and you may be able to strike a deal with one to buy your clothes wholesale from them.

Call wholesale warehouses that specialise in maternity clothes. Start by finding the brand you want and calling their customer service line, which companies list on websites.

Look for "factory seconds" in the stores. These are articles of clothing that have some small flaws in them, many barely noticeable, but that are marked down greatly. Many stores that sell factory seconds will resell them at wholesale prices to their customers.

Check your local maternity clothes manufacturers for open days to the public. When they open up the floor to customers, you can find great deals on buying wholesale maternity clothes.

Obtain a state sales tax ID number. This will then allow you to buy directly from wholesalers who do not do business with individuals. You may also want to get some of your pregnant friends in on this, so that you can purchase more wholesale maternity clothes.

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