How to Build a Trampoline Wrestling Ring

Updated February 21, 2017

It is really exciting to watch professional wrestling, but it can be even more fun to actually emulate the pro-wrestling itself. While it may be very dangerous to duplicate moves, if they are properly performed a lot fun can be had. The first step in re-enacting wrestling moves and matches is actually recreating a wrestling ring. Replica rings can cost thousands of dollars but turning your trampoline into one can be relatively cheap.

Set up your trampoline on a flat surface. Most trampolines are circular, so by setting up the turnbuckles and ropes, you can create the square shape.

Find the four corner areas that the trampoline is being held up by. These will be the location of the turnbuckles.

Dig holes about a foot deep at each of the turn buckle locations.

Stick an 8ft high PVC pipe into the ground and fill in the dirt around the hole. Pack the dirt down and even cover it with rocks to help make it sturdy.

Fasten the pipes to the trampoline using plastic fasteners. Use 5 or 6 fasteners for each corner to secure it tightly.

Measure the length of one turnbuckle to the next. Multiply this by four and then add 2ft to that total. This will give you the length that the ropes should be. Purchase three ropes at this length.

Screw in three medium sized hooks to each turnbuckle. Evenly spread out the hooks like the ropes of a regular wrestling ring.

Tightly tie the end of the bottom rope to one of the hooks. Drag the rope across the ring and loop around the second corner. Continue this process until you have reached the original end and make sure that the rope stays tight all around.

Repeat this process until all the ropes are completed and secure. Test them out by off of them on multiple sides.

Attach small throw pillows over each turnbuckle hook. The easiest way to do this is by threading shoelace through the pillows and tying them tightly around the hooks.

Lay the blue cloth over the whole trampoline and secure it tightly with a staple gun.

Test out the ring and make sure everything is secure. Tighten up any spots that are not attached enough and make sure that the turnbuckles are strong enough.

Things You'll Need

  • Staple Gun
  • 4 PVC Pipes- 8Ft Long
  • 3 Non-Stretch Ropes
  • 12 Hooks with built-in screws
  • 12 Mini-Throw Pillows
  • 12 Shoelaces
  • 30 Plastic Fasteners
  • 1 Large Blue Cloth
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