How to tie a pirate bandana

Updated February 21, 2017

Pirates have been historically documented since the 13th century B.C. After these thousands of years, pirates still manage to capture the imagination of people the world over. Pirate costumes ensure many kids have great costumes for Halloween, but it is often difficult to perfect the exact look of a pirate for the holiday. Knowing how to tie a bandanna like a real pirate can ensure your costume is as realistic as possible.

Lay bandanna directly in front of you on a hard surface. It should be turned at a 45 degree angle so it appears to be a diamond.

Fold the bottom of the bandanna upwards. Do not fold it completely in half and form a triangle. The bandanna should roughly look like the image below, in which two different colours are used to show where to make the first fold. The black part of Image 1 is the part of the bandanna that will go against the wearers forehead.

Place the bandanna on forehead. The bottom of the black part of Image one goes directly above the eyebrows. The ninety degree corner of the bandanna should be behind one of the ears, as opposed to a regular bandanna tie where the ninety degree corner goes directly back. The shorter folded end (black part on Image 1) should be against the head and therefore not visible.

Tuck the ninety degree corner behind an ear as stated in Step 3. Bring the two ends of the bandanna that are on the left and right side of head behind and over the ninety degree corner.

Tie a square knot using the two sides over the ninety degree corner.


Choose a nice pirate colour for your bandanna.

Things You'll Need

  • 1 Bandanna
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