Punk Makeup Tips

For individuals who prefer a bold, nonconformist style, punk fashion may be the ideal fit. Borne out of the punk rock movement of the 1970s, punk style is almost theatrical, marked by torn clothing, outrageous hairstyles like the Mohawk and bold, bright make-up. While it may not be practical to completely follow the punk style on a daily basis, you can play up your eyes with punk make-up techniques for an evening out.

Keep Foundation Matte

Start with a flawless complexion to create a perfect canvas for your punk make-up look. Choose a foundation that offers light to medium coverage and provides a matt finish. An oil-free formula is good for minimising shine.Use a lightweight concealer beneath the eyes to diminish the appearance of dark circles if they are an issue. Finish off your base with a dusting of translucent powder to absorb excess oil and maintain a matt look to your skin throughout the day.

Create a Smoky Eye Look

The star of most punk make-up looks is the eye make-up. A smoky look with blended and smudged shadow is the usual choice for punk make-up, but you do not have to use only black or dark greys. Bright, bold colours work as well. Richer colours like emerald greens, royal blues and deep purples are good choices, as are fluorescent shades like yellow, orange and pink. Colours may be matt or shimmery depending on your preference, but the key to application is to blend the colours so they transition into one another seamlessly. Choose a mascara in either a rich black or bold, or a bright colour such as blue or purple to complement the shadow.

Use a Heavy Hand with Eyeliner

Another trademark of the punk make-up look is thick, heavy eyeliner. Black is the shade used most often but dark greys and blues may work as well. Liquid formulas offer a bolder look, but pencil liners are easier to smudge, which contributes to the messy punk look. Both the upper and lower lash lines should be lined. Lining the inner rim of the lower eyelid creates an even stronger look.

Try Bright Lips

There are two ways to go with lip colour for a punk lip. Opt for a pale or sheer lip gloss in a nude or pink colour if you want your eyes to receive all of the focus. Choose a bold colour for the lips for a more extreme punk look. Blood red shades work well, as do purples and bright pinks. Use a dark lip liner to contrast with the lip colour for an even stronger lip look.

Go for Natural Cheeks

As with lips, there are two ways to handle the cheeks in a punk make-up look. Go with minimal blush or a natural looking shade that does not add too much colour to the face if you want to keep the focus on your eyes. Choose a bright pink shade and place it along the cheek bones in a stripe that mimics the 1980s punk look if you are feeling bold.

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