How to Print Greeting Cards With an Inkjet Printer

In this age of customization, factory-made greeting cards no longer make the same impression. Using your inkjet printer, you can create your own professional-looking greeting card. Just follow these steps.

Select quality paper. Flimsy copier paper won't do, so invest in some greeting card paper specifically designed for inkjet printers.

Browse the office supply store for publishing software that can produce greeting cards. You can also find templates online using a search engine like Google or Yahoo!.

Using your publishing software or template, design your card. Add pictures that are relevant to your sentiments. Type your sentiments on the inside of the card.

Insert your card paper into your printer's feed tray.

Click on the "Print" option. The software will likely prompt you to print one side first and then the other.

Let the printed side dry for a minute. Then flip it over and put the card back in the feed tray.

Let the card dry. Fold it. Then deliver to your recipient.


Lay a straight edge along the fold line as you fold your card. When you print the final product, use your printer's highest quality setting. Check the Web for some easy-to-use templates. Do some test runs on regular paper to avoid wasting your nice paper on goofs.

Things You'll Need

  • Internet access
  • Inkjet printer
  • Computer
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