How to Make Funeral Flower Arrangements

Updated February 21, 2017

Beautiful floral arrangements give a welcome distraction for family members during a sad time of loss and mourning. Read on to learn how to make funeral flower arrangements.

Choose a basket, paper mache or wooden container.

Cut a piece of florist foam for fresh flowers and fit it snugly into a container. Fill with water, set aside to soak. Use dry foam if you are making a silk flower arrangement.

Cut and place several pieces of leather leaf, cedar or preferred greenery into the back and on the top sides of the foam.

Start at the back and place an odd number of tall, line flowers such as gladiolus, Iris or carnations. Cut stems on a slant and press into foam to ensure that they continue to take in water to stay crisp. Make sure they are securely seated into the foam. The line flowers will work well if placed in a form of a triangle. The centre flower in the back will be the highest point in the arrangement. Be sure to cut silk flower stems straight across when using for a funeral arrangement.

Place roses, carnations chrysanthemum poms, daisies, iris, lilies and other flowers of choice into the arrangement. Use odd numbers when placing flowers into the mix.

Add in filler flowers such as statice, German statice, babies breath and heather to fill in open spaces. Add more greenery into any spots where foam shows through.

You can use the same floral arranging technique you use for a funeral arrangement to make a casket saddle or spray. This arrangement can be made with silk or fresh flowers. If you are using fresh flowers soak two full size pieces of floral foam for several hours in a bucket of room temperature water.

Prepare the casket saddle container. Place two pieces foam into the piece and secure with water proof floral adhesive tape. Wrap the tape very securely around the foam in the centre and ends of each foam and stick it to the sides of the container.

Place pieces of greenery in foam and cover most of the area. Place line flowers into foam securing them firmly in place.

Keep adding flowers and filler flowers until the funeral arrangement looks the way you want it to.

Add in a florist bow on a wired stick with a long tail of ribbon coming off from one side. Take a glitter glue container with small tip and write the name you choose on it. You can choose Mother or Beloved Mom, Father or Daddy, Our Baby, Grammie or Gramps for example. Be careful that you do not hit the glitter glue or paint before it dries which can take several minutes.


Dry foam is not craft foam. It is made for floral work. Craft foam can be used but delicate stems can break in the course material.

Things You'll Need

  • Fresh or silk flowers
  • Container or vase
  • Ribbon
  • Casket saddle
  • Dry for silk or florist foam for fresh flowers with water
  • Wire cutters
  • Wire
  • Knife
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