How to Find Out If Someone Is Married or Divorced

Updated March 23, 2017

It is important to know if someone is married or divorced as you want to approach them differently if they are married. If they are married then you will not be the most important person in their lives and depending on the type of relationship you were looking to have with this person, this is definitely something you need to know. If they are divorced they are free to do as they please with nobody else to worry about. We will give you the ways you can find out for yourself.

Look at the ring finger, the simple way, which does not always work--if the person has a ring stay away. But a lot of times a person may not wear the ring to announce his status.

Depending on the culture of the person she could have other signs like the red spot that Indians have to denote marriage. But again, nowadays a number of single women have adopted that as a fashion statement so that is not indicative too.

Resort to some other ways since the traditional methods do not work. One is to listen to what he is saying. If he says “we” while telling a story you want to find out who the “we” is. He will slip up even if he is very careful.

Lead the conversation to see if you can see her wallet, sometimes a married woman will carry her husband's picture with her. If there are some children’s pictures you have an opening to ask if she is married and where the other half is.

Ask to visit his house at times you expect somebody that he is hiding is going to be home. If you hear a bunch of excuses you know something is wrong. But he may have a legitimate reason for you not to come over at that time. Maybe he is not home at that time. Pick a later time and see.

Ask her over for a late dinner or an early breakfast and if she refuses, you learnt a couple of things--whether she is married or divorced or she doesn't care for you--either way you can move on. Well, maybe she has honest reasons for that too; she has honest reasons for everything it seems.

Ask him. This way is very simple but does not always work with slick people. Generally he will tell you the truth or if he fumbles for an answer you know there is something wrong. But the worst kind will boldly lie to your face and be married all along.

Unfortunately there are no sure fire ways to tell, if the person is a good liar then you are out of luck.


Keep your eyes and ears open at all times and try to pick up on clues.


Be careful you never get taken for a ride.

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