How to Get Rid of Hair Dye

Dying your hair at home is cost effective and generally produces good results. However, choosing the right shade of dye can be difficult and every brand has slightly different shades and ingredients that will produce different colour on your hair. If you have dyed your hair and are looking for a way to remove or lighten the colour, read on. This article lists multiple ways to get rid of hair colour.

Wash your hair with Prell shampoo. Prell will gently remove hair colour over numerous shampoos. This is not an immediate fix, but it does work well to tone down dye. For example, if you dyed your hair red and it is too wine-coloured or too stoplight bright, Prell will tone it down to a more natural shade.

Mix Dawn Concentrated Dish Detergent with your shampoo. Add 2 tbsp to an average sized bottle of shampoo and use it daily or wash just-dyed hair with pure Dawn. Using Dawn will dry out hair, so use a good conditioner. Aussie 3 Minute Miracle is great for hair that has been processed and is dry or damaged.

Use Color Fix. Products like Color Fix, Color Oops, and Haircolor Remover Kit can be purchased at most drugstores. Colour Fix and Color Oops will remove hair dye, restoring hair to its natural colour. Haircolor Remover Kit by L'Oreal will strip hair of all dye and prepare it for retinting so that you may dye it another shade. Read the packages carefully and choose which is best for you.

Mix some hair bleach mixture with your regular shampoo in a dish. Scrub the mixture through your hair vigorously. Rinse and condition as usual. This may also be damaging to your hair, so again make sure to condition well.


Call the 800 number on the hair dye package. If you no longer have the package, you can usually find the help line number on the manufacturer's website. The customer service agents are knowledgeable about their product and can recommend the best way for you to remove it.


Do not do all of these at once. It may dry or damage your hair. Black hair dye is more difficult to remove. Trying any of these steps on black-dyed hair may result in red or orange hair colour. If you can manage it, see a hair dresser about correcting black hair colour.

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