DIY Medusa Costume for Children

Updated November 21, 2016

Medusa was a magnificent monster, with a beautiful face and figure, but with writhing snakes in her hair. For a child who wants to be a bit scary at Halloween, Medusa makes a good choice. The costume can be simply put together with a loose tunic dress, or a goddess dress draped and pinned from a length of fabric. Add sandals and a headband covered with rubber snakes and your little monster will be good to go.

Choose a wide plastic headband that fits the child's head securely. Use the hot-glue gun to attach rubber snakes to the headband, arranging them so that they twist and turn and loop up three-dimensionally. Allow some of the snakes to dangle off the edges of the headband so that they will wiggle and appear to be alive when the child turns her head.

Braid the child's hair in multiple tiny braids, or spike it with hair gel if it is short.

Dress the child in a loose, tunic dress and sandals.

Apply make-up such as lip gloss and blush and eye shadow.


Accessorise the costume with a snake armband or bangles. Make the costume scarier by shredding the fabric of the tunic.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic headband
  • Hot-glue gun
  • Hot-glue sticks
  • Rubber snakes
  • Hair gel (optional)
  • Tunic dress
  • Sandals
  • Make-up
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