Making Ninja Equipment

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In order to encrypt messages, the ninja writes on a long piece of paper that is rolled around a bamboo stick. The paper is unrolled and delivered in a small pouch to another ninja. Without the right size of bamboo stick, no one else can read the message. The receiving ninja rolls the paper message around a bamboo stick. The writing becomes coherent only to the intended reader.

Climbing Tools

Climbing tools are made from simple farming tools (some are crafted by a blacksmith). A solid, iron farming rake head is removed from the pole. The head of the rake is then tied to a leather strap that fits around the hand of the ninja. Another way to make a climbing claw from a rake is to weld a metal bar across the prongs of the rake. The ninja will then use the metal bar in place of the leather strap. The climbing tool can do more than get the ninja up a castle wall; it can also deflect, parry and disarm a sword attack. The smaller climbing claws that are popular in ninja movies are made from a leather strap, with nails driven through the centre of the strap to form a cat-like claw on the palm of each hand.

Quick Escapes

In order to escape an enemy, the ninja uses blinding powder. A bamboo chute is filled with shards of glass, sand and pepper. The blinding powder inside of the bamboo chute is tossed into the eyes and nose of an enemy. The ninja tosses tripping debris or smooth, round stones behind him as he flees pursuit. The ninja will throw caltrops or triangle spikes, which always face upward. Caltrops are natural seeds in the forests of Japan. Artificial caltrops can be made by interlocking metal spikes together (or carve four-sided pyramids of wood).

Hand tools

Ninja equipment is made from farming tools and some items found in nature. A hot needle placed in a bowl of water will always point north. A pitchfork becomes a deadly weapon for dismounting calvary in the hands of a ninja. Stabbing knives are made from iron and bark. The iron spike is used as a means of killing enemies and picking locked doors. The sword is less useful to the ninja than to the samurai, because the ninja avoids direct combat whenever possible. The iron spike is usually stabbed into the eye or an enemy, or stuck into the kidney from behind an opponent. In place of a sword, the ninja uses the Kama. A Kama is made by mounting a curved blade to a foot-long stick.

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