How to Edit a JPEG Image in GIMP

You can make changes and edit photo images in GIMP. Photoshop is a popular program for editing pictures, but GIMP is a free download. You can distort faces, change colours and crop pictures with a jpeg format and other popular image file types with GIMP. GIMP is easy to use and their website even offers video tutorials. Learn how to get started editing a JPEG image in GIMP today.

Install the GIMP software on your computer by downloading the compressed installation file from Gimp's website. Follow the instructions on the installation wizard and restart your computer if prompted.

Locate a JPEG format picture file on your computer. Right click on the image and select "Edit with the GIMP." If that isn't an option on your right click menu, then open the GIMP software and select open from the file menu. Locate the file for the image you want to edit and open it.

Crop the image by selecting the crop tool and then defining the area you wish to crop by clicking on the image and pulling the cursor to create a square. Every function in gimp follows a similar process. Click to choose the tool you wish to use, apply it to the selected area of the photo and, if prompted, save your changes.

Experiment with each of the settings in the top menu bar. Images can be transformed into pencil drawings, tile mosaics, neon lights and more. Colour settings can be altered to correct images or just for fun. Clock on Distort, then iWarp for some real image altering fun.

Save your image by using the file, save menu. The program will automatically try to save it with the default GIMP .xcf file extension. In order to save it as a .jpg or .jpeg file you'll need to include that extension in your file name when requested.


Always save a backup copy of your image before you edit the photo.

Things You'll Need

  • GIMP photoshop software
  • Jpeg format photo to edit
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