How to Fit Curtain Rods to Bay Windows

Bay windows are large windows that fit inside a three-walled bay; there are usually three windows in a bay window. While these windows are beautiful and let in lots of light, they can be a challenge to fit curtain rods to. Luckily, there are some things you can do to make your curtain rods look beautiful and make the installation of curtains a little easier.

Consider using three curtain rods, one for each window. Measure carefully and consider using very small finials at the ends of the middle curtain rod.

Think about layering your curtain rods if you have to use three curtain rods. Put the one in the middle higher than the two on the ends for a unique look. This also allows you to put larger finials at the ends of the curtain rod in the middle.

Decide how you'll pull the curtains back so you can let in light. If there's space, use a tie back system and pull the middle curtain off to one side.

Purchase bendable curtain rods. Bend these curtain rods around the corners of the bay windows, giving you curtain rods that fit the bay windows.

Think about using curtain tracks. You can mount curtain tracks to the wall and they go above the window. While curtain tracks may not be as decorative as curtain rods, you can bend them around the contours of a bay window.

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