How to Buy Faux Fireplace Logs

When you buy a new or used home you commonly need to get logs for the fireplace. If your home has a gas fireplace, you can buy faux fireplace logs instead of real wood. Many log sets give gas fireplaces the look and free of a roaring fire. Even if you don't plan on ever using your fireplace, faux fireplace logs add a nice touch.

Measure the height, width and depth of the fireplace opening and buy logs that fit those dimensions. Take into account the height of the grate the logs will be sitting on.

Compare vented and unvented log sets. Unvented allow you to keep the damper shut and are more fuel-efficient, but they don't look as realistic as vented logs.

Look at how realistic the logs look and how many logs are in the set. Split logs in varying sizes that you can actually stack to look more like real wood. Some log sets even have charred-looking wood.

Choose a log set that resembles a specific types of wood, such as oak, hickory or birch. Consider picking a wood that is native to your area.

Evaluate how much heat the logs emit. More expensive log sets can emit quite a bit of heat and warm the room.

Review what other realistic features the log set comes with. Bits of foam that line the bottom of the fireplace will glow like real burning embers.

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