How to create your own LEGO character

Updated July 20, 2017

Legos have been a crucial part of the toy business for many years, and have influenced the lives of millions of children. Anything in the human imagination can be represented via their huge selection of blocks and shapes. The little characters that have appeared in almost every Lego set have been the focus of many Lego-based adventure stories. It is now possible to create your own Lego characters online, indulging a wide variety of possible body characteristics, clothes and accessories. There are hundreds of choices for creating a distinctive character.

Call up the Reasonably Clever website by following the link in Resources. The default screen will display instructions for saving your creation when you're done.

At the bottom left of the page, left-click on the picture that depicts hair. You will be presented with a number of hair styles to choose from. Each time you click on one, the picture of the character on the right will automatically change.

Click on the picture of a face to choose between facial expressions, eyes and glasses, mouth shapes and facial hair.

Select the picture that looks like a blank Lego head to pick a colour for the face.

Select a hat, if you want your character to have one.

Choose the base colour of the torso and the type of clothing your character will wear. The choices range from suits to novelty shirts to superhero costumes.

Click the next series of choices if you want your character to have a cape, scarf, wings or a tail.

Click on the picture of a set of arms (directly below the hair link). Pick the colour and accessories for the right arm. To change the arm you want to modify, click on the link located below the arm options.

Clicking on the image of a hand to choose the colour of your character's hands.

Click on the picture of a rose. A diagram will appear allowing you to select the character's right or left hand. Once you choose a hand, you can pick from a variety of objects for the character to hold.

Pick a colour for the legs and the bottom of the clothing. You can even make your character a mermaid.

As a final embellishment, choose a background if you want one.

Save your creation. If you're on a Windows machine, press ALT and Print Screen together, then open Paint or another image editor. Paste the image onto the editor screen. The entire website screen will be displayed, but you can use the crop tool to select only the character. Right-click and press Copy. Open a new file and paste it onto the blank screen, then click Save from the file menu. On a Mac, hold down the Apple and Shift keys and press 4 on the keyboard. Click and drag to outline the portion of the picture you want to save, then let go of the mouse button. The picture will be copied onto your hard drive.

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