How to transfer hi8 to dvd

Updated March 23, 2017

Hi8 was at one time a popular format for videotape recorders. Now that the world has gone digital, many people find themselves with stacks of Hi8 tapes they can't easily view. You have several options to choose from when converting.

Connect cables from the Hi8 output to the DVD recorder input to transfer Hi8 tapes to DVD with a DVD burner. Play your Hi8 tapes on your camera and press "Record" on the DVD recorder. You'll get a DVD in real time.

Use a Digital 8 camcorder to convert your Hi8 tapes to digital. This option gives you higher-quality copies. Play the analogue tapes on the Digital 8 camcorder and send the information to your computer through a "firewire" cable. The Digital 8 camcorder will convert the Hi8 tapes to digital. You can then burn the information to a DVD on your computer.

Use a capture device that converts Hi8 tapes to MPEG2 files. This process is a bit more cumbersome than the previous two. You have to buy a piece of hardware that you may not use more than a few times. Connect your analogue Hi8 camera to the digital MPEG2 converter box, then press "Play" and "Record." The device will burn your DVD.

Go through your computer if you want to edit your video before burning it to a DVD. You can do this if your computer's editing software converts analogue to DV. Connect your Hi8 camera to your computer. The result will be MPEG2 files of your Hi8 video. This will take quite a bit of time and fill up a lot of memory, but you will have the flexibility of editing your video before burning it to a DVD on your computer.

Things You'll Need

  • Hi8 camera or player
  • DVD burner or computer with DVD burner
  • Cables
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