How to Get Rid of Eyebrow Hair Without Tweezers

Updated April 17, 2017

Tweezing your eyebrows can be both a painful and frustrating process: not only do the hairs grow back relatively quickly, but it can hurt quite a bit to remove hairs individually. Fortunately, there are a number of alternatives to tweezing, including waxing, shaving and threading. Each of these methods have pros and cons, but if you are tired of tweezing, you might find one way works better for you than others.

Wax your eyebrows. You can either do this yourself or go to a salon to have it done professionally. To wax your eyebrows at home, make sure the hair is at least a quarter-inch long, and then decide on the shape you want your eyebrows to be. Pull your hair back and clean your eyebrows and the surrounding area with a toner containing witch hazel. Using the wooden applicator, evenly apply a light coat of wax to the hair you want to remove, in the direction of the hair growth. Firmly apply a waxing strip to the wax, allow the area to cool slightly, then pull off the strip like you were pulling off a bandage. Repeat the process, moving along the brow line while removing a few hairs at a time.

Shave the hair with an eyebrow razor. Regular razors, such as you might use for your underarms or legs, are not recommended for removing eyebrow hair because they can irritate the area and leave visible stubble. Eyebrow razors, on the other hand, usually have a safety cover attached so that the blade doesn't cut too closely to the skin. Eyebrow shavers can scrape away the fine hairs around the eyebrow without leaving visible stubble.

Remove your eyebrow hair with threading. Threading is not as painful as tweezing and you do not have to wait until hair is one-fourth an inch long, as with waxing. While it is possible to thread your eyebrows yourself, it takes a bit of expertise. It's recommended that you have your eyebrows threaded at a salon.

Things You'll Need

  • Hot wax kit
  • Eyebrow shaver


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