How to Put in Hair Rollers

Updated February 21, 2017

The look of soft, wavy curls can be yours when you put in hair rollers. Two of the more important aspects to consider are the size of roller and the type of curl you desire. Select large rollers for extra body, big curls or waves. Choose small rollers for tighter curls. If you would like to create curls, make sure the rollers begin at the top of your head. For more of a wave, place the rollers at the side of your head. Learn more about how to put in hair rollers in the following steps.

Prep your hair before you put in rollers. Understand that treating your hair can improve hold and decrease frizz. Wash and condition your hair then apply styling products, such as mousse or gel. Allow your hair to dry before putting hair in rollers.

Divide your hair into sections to roll. Use a long-tail comb to help part the hair.

Hold the end of a divided section of hair with one hand and a roller with the opposite hand. Wrap the hair around the centre of the roller. Continue to twist, making sure the hair is tight and even on the roller.

Secure the rollers. Use clips or hair clips to help hold the roller in place.

Apply styling spray to hair. Spray a fine mist over the rollers, then wait 15 to 25 minutes, depending on the amount of curl desired.

Remove rollers from hair. Take out clips or hair clips, and then unroll the rollers.

Finish styling the curls. Use your fingertips to separate your curls. Follow up with a final application of styling spray.


Make sure you have enough rollers for your hair. Try a test part to see if you can fit all of the hair on the roller. Otherwise you may overload the roller, in which case you will need to use extra large pins. To curl hair that is prone to frizz, work with slightly damp hair. Spray your hair with a fine mist of water before you put your hair in rollers. Remember to use styling products that are specifically designed to control frizz. It is possible to smooth out any sections with a half-barrel brush, one that has wide-set teeth. Be aware that brushing curls can create frizz. Use wrapping papers with sponge rollers. The tissue helps to define curl and makes removal of the roller easier.

Things You'll Need

  • Styling products
  • Long tail comb
  • Rollers
  • Clips
  • Hair clips
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