How to make copper jewelry pendants

Updated February 21, 2017

Creating attractive and stylish copper jewellery pendants is relatively easy. With some basic tools and an individual style, you can make copper jewellery in many attractive shapes.

Slide the edge of the piece of 5mm copper sheet into the scrapbooking metal punch. This punch should have a relatively large (1/2 inch or more) solid shape pattern. Press on the punch to cut out the copper. You may have to stand on the punch as copper is stronger than paper. You may also use a punch that is specially made for metal.

File every edge of the copper punched-out shape to remove metal burrs and sharp points. The edges will be sharp so be careful handling the copper jewellery pendant shape. Smooth all the edges with the file.

Use the smaller hole punch to make a hole in the copper jewellery pendant where it will be hung from the necklace. Attach a copper or steel jump ring to this hole by bending the ring open sideways, slipping it through the hole and bending it back together again.

Use a metal stamp, leather embossing tool or a simple nail to make a pattern on the copper pendant if desired. The stamps should be laid over the copper pendant shape. Then use the mallet to gently but firmly shape the copper. The nail is used as a miniature punch and hammered down to either make holes or slight depressions in a pattern of your choice.

Apply a prepared, commercial patina liquid to the copper pendant if you desire a weathered, rainbow-hued or old-fashioned look. Experiment with different finishes and different methods of applying them--dunking, painting or dripping them--for different copper jewellery pendant looks.


Copper jewellery pendants look great on leather cords.


Copper metal is sharp. Be careful handling it.

Things You'll Need

  • Copper sheet of 5mm thickness
  • Large-size metal scrapbook punch
  • Small hole punch
  • Copper or steel jump ring
  • Embossing stamp or a nail
  • Mallet
  • Metal file or nail file
  • Bottled patina (optional)
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