How to Make Wrestling Costumes

Wrestling has been around since ancient times, and its popularity is still growing. Many young men and women aspire to become wrestlers, and looking the part is step number one. Whether you're a professional wrestler or simply dressing like one for Halloween, how to make a wrestling costume is a skill you're going to need.

Choose your persona. Deciding what kind of wrestler you're going to be is a key step in making your costume. Are you going for a classic look or a modern spin? Are you colourful and fun or will your costume be all black and scary? Many people like the kitsch factor of the Mexican wrestler costumes, called luchadores. This type of costume involves a mask, so take that into consideration when planning your costume. Make some sketches on paper before you start sewing. You might also pick your wrestler name--that could help you decide what kind of costume to make.

Start shopping. Now that you have picked a persona, you should have a clearer idea of how you want your costume to look. Head to a local discount fabric store to buy your spandex. Obviously, you're going to need stretchy, breathable fabrics for your wrestling costume. You will also need to buy a pattern if you're making your costume from scratch. Otherwise, buy premade spandex bike shorts and tank tops.

Create your basic look. If you're starting from scratch, you'll need to break out the sewing machine and follow a pattern cut to your size. Most wrestlers wear calf-length or slightly shorter trousers as part of their costumes. Most wear tank style tops. If you're going for something different, try longer trousers or long sleeves on your shirt. Make sure all seams are sewn well. You don't want your costume to rip in the ring. Once you have your top and trousers figured out, you can start adding accessories.

Decorate your basic pieces. If you have a wrestler name, you might want to use some fabric paint or glitter marker to write that name across your shirt or along one leg of your trousers. If your costume is full of colours, you might want to add decorative touches like glitter or designs with fabric paint. If your costume is more on the scary side, add skulls or images of your choosing to your costume. Some wrestlers also use face paint, masks, capes and other accessories. Go wild and have fun. Don't forget to add your boots and type of head gear you want--hats, head scarves, among other items.


You can use and existing wrestler's costume for inspiration, but don't copy it exactly. Get creative instead. You don't have to know how to sew to make a costume. Instead buy existing pieces and modify them with scissors and decorative items.

Things You'll Need

  • Sewing machine
  • Spandex or stretchy fabric
  • Decorative items such as feathers, glitter and fabric paint
  • Heavy boots
  • Head gear
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