How to make clothes waterproof

There are many reasons you may want to make your clothes waterproof. If you are a camper or hiker, waterproof clothing can come in handy. Instead of spending a night out in the wilderness in wet clothes, wouldn't it be great if your clothing could actually repel the wet stuff? Several products on the market can help stop you from becoming a soggy mess and promote dryness. Spray silicone can do wonders for those who love the great outdoors. The spray protection can be used on many fabrics, including leathers, and can be used to waterproof your outdoor wardrobe from hat to boot.

Decide what you would like to waterproof. It may be your boots, hats, jackets or anything else that will be exposed to the elements. Try a test spray in an inconspicuous area first, to ensure that the silicone won't stain the fabric.

Look for a well-ventilated area. As with any sprayed chemical, an outdoor, open environment works best. Inhaling fumes from sprays can be toxic.

Spray your fabric with even strokes, covering the article in its entirety. Any space you miss will not be waterproof.

Allow the clothing to set for the recommended amount of time. Make sure the silicone spray is dry before wearing the clothing in the rain.


Silicone waterproof spray can be found in a variety of stores; such as, hardware, automotive and local superstores.


Breathable fabrics and ones that are already provided with weatherproofing are not good candidates for silicone spray waterproofing. After spraying your clothing articles with the waterproof spray, heated drying is not recommended; it will cause yellowing that is irreversible. A simple wiping to remove any dirt or wetness should be all that is necessary

Things You'll Need

  • Silicone waterproof spray
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