How to clean up cat poop

Updated March 23, 2017

Cat owner's beware. Although owning a cat is typically easy, you will have to clean up cat poop if your feline is an indoor kitty. Whether your cat is housebroken or still has accidents, cleaning up cat poop is a way of feline life. Follow these simple steps to clean up after your beloved friend.

Do not clean up cat poop while your feline is in the room with you. This way, your cat will not think that by defecating on your floor, that he has received extra attention. Wait until he is in another room and can’t see you.

Do not use a product that smells like pine, rose or lemon or even bleach. These odours can smell like urine to a cat, making them believe it is an OK spot to urinate or defecate on.

Use rubber gloves when you are cleaning up cat poop. Disposable ones work well and are relatively inexpensive to keep on hand.

Use a few paper towels to pick up the cat poop from the floor. Use a small grocery bag to put the mess in, and then tie it well. Put that bag into another small garbage or grocery bag, and then immediately throw it into your garbage cans outside. Make sure you put the lid on, so as not to attract bugs, flies or small animals.

Blot the area with more paper towels. Use a scrub brush and disinfectant spray or rug cleaner to thoroughly scrub the carpet or floor, being careful not to scratch a wooden or tile floor if this is the case.

Dry thoroughly with a rag or a bunch of paper towels.

Scoop the faeces from the cat litter by using a scooper designed for this purpose. Wear disposable gloves to clean cat poop.

Be sure to scoop the poop thouroughly, leaving no traces behind.

Deposit the faeces into a small grocery bag or small garbage bag, tie and dispose outside in your garbage can.

Replace the cat litter that may have been thrown away. Replace all the cat litter at least once a week with fresh litter.


Always wear gloves when cleaning up cat poop.


Pregnant women should never clean cat poop, as there is a risk of acquiring toxoplasmosis from cat waste and passing it onto the unborn child.

Things You'll Need

  • Plastic gloves
  • Paper towels
  • Garbage or grocery bags
  • Rug cleaner or disinfectant
  • Scooper
  • Cat litter
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