How to arm wrestle someone twice your size

Written by david claerr
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How to arm wrestle someone twice your size

It is possible to defeat an opponent in arm wrestling who is not only larger, but stronger than you. Of course, the stronger you are the better your chances will be but the most important thing is learning technique (and a few surprising tricks). The techniques and tricks presented here are ones that the author has used consistently to defeat much larger opponents, some literally twice his size by body weight. There are a few basic strategies that you can adopt to give yourself an advantage.

Skill level:

Things you need

  • Chin-up Bar
  • Spring-coil Hand Grip Exerciser
  • Barbells
  • Dumbells

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  1. 1

    Do exercises for strength and endurance every day. The basic conditioning exercises of chin-ups and push-ups are a good start. To these add repetitions with coiled-spring handgrip devices. If you develop a strong grip with your hand, you will have an advantage over most opponents who tend to overlook the importance of strength in the fingers. Exercising with barbells and dumbells is another viable option.

  2. 2

    Learn to adopt this posture that will give you maximum resistance to force. Even though you are "arm wrestling" one trick is to learn to use your entire body to resist, especially in the first seconds or minutes of a match. As you sit in a chair or on a bench, your legs should be splayed off the sides so you can push out and create a stable support for your upper body. Lean slightly forward to allow you to tense your abdominal muscles, to give your upper body rigid stength.

    How to arm wrestle someone twice your size
  3. 3

    Place your free hand under the table and push upward to give yourself more support and leverage. As you apply force against your opponent, you can use the free arm to exert counterforce across your shoulders. This is a valuable trick that can nearly double your strength when you learn to coodinate the movement with your wrestling arm.

  4. 4

    Tense your entire body on "Go" to lock the muscles and bone structure into a solid unit of resistance. Don't be the first to push, especially against a much larger opponent. They will have difficulty budging your arm and they will waste strength and energy trying. The author has won many matches by mainly tiring and weakening his opponents first, using this resistance technique.

  5. 5

    Keep your body and arm down to your elbow tense and locked. Then use your hand and fingers to squeeze your opponent's hand forcefully. At this point you can usually use one of two tricks. The first trick is to force and roll the knuckle at the base of your opponent's little finger inward towards his palm as you squeeze. This will weaken their grip and often cause a sudden sharp pain. If you surprise and disable them at this point, you can then use a swift and powerful move to force their arm over and down.

    How to arm wrestle someone twice your size
  6. 6

    Try this second trick if your opponent has a very large hand. Use your fingertips to put pressure on the nerve that runs along the top edge of the bone of the hand connected to the index finger. If you hit it just right you can cause your opponent to loosen his grip or even immobilise his hand. At this point you can also use a swift and forceful move to overpower your opponent.

    How to arm wrestle someone twice your size
  7. 7

    When you are ready to overpower your opponent, start your movement by rotating your arm inward and pull slightly toward yourself. As you force your opponent about one-third of the way down, you shift into more of a pushing mode, rotating your arm slightly outward. This combination of pull-rotate and push-counter-rotate throws your opponent off-balance and works against the weaker muscles of his arm. It also increases your torque and leverage. When you learn to make this combination swiftly and smoothly, you are on your way to beating the big bullies.

Tips and warnings

  • Arm wrestling can be dangerous to both parties. Consult with a doctor and make sure you are in good health and properly conditioned before attempting it.

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