How to Tell If a Women Likes You

Updated July 20, 2017

When it comes to dating a new woman, the most difficult hurdle a man will face is getting the courage to ask her out. He might be afraid that she doesn't like him. Yet, if a woman appears to be giving out the right signals, men can feel more confident in approaching her.

Catch her in a stare. When a woman has a crush on a man, she will usually look at him often. She may do this through quick glances or short stares. Either way, she's going to do her best to get an eyeful.

Pay attention to her body language. Knowledge of body language is important when determining whether a woman likes you. Of course, some types of "flirty" body language are more obvious, such as smiling or excessive laughing. But other signs might be more subtle. For example, preening is considered to be a very common type of flirty body language, but some men might miss it. Basically, it involves a woman grooming her hair in some way, whether it's tossing it around, combing it or even playing with it. This action can either place emphasis on the hair itself (since healthy hair is a sign of virility), or it could be done to help expose the parts that are being covered up by the hair. Then there are body language signals that are considered to be the most sexual. Leg-crossing, stroking a glass or even putting on lipstick can be signs that subconsciously a woman is looking for something "more" from her date.

Listen to the opinions of others. If you have friends or family who are knowledgeable of the woman you're attracted to, ask them if they think she likes you. As long as they can see her interact with you, they should be able to form a reasonable opinion.

Take into account her personality. If a shy woman likes you, she may not be able to maintain consistent eye contact when she's talking with you. However, she will smile and laugh a lot. She may even touch you, though don't expect more overt signals until you get to know her better. On the other hand, congenial women will have no problems interacting with you. For you, this is both a positive and a negative. On the positive end, communicating with these types of women is much easier. They may even tell you overtly that they like you. But if this doesn't happen, you may have a difficult time determining their feelings, because they may (on the surface) seem to act the same with everyone. So, in these situations, you will need to develop an eye for detail. See how she acts around other people. Even if she is naturally sociable, she will still act differently around the guy she likes.

Test the waters by asking the object of your affection for a drink or even dinner. When a woman likes a guy, she is thrilled at the opportunity to be around him even if she's not on an "official" date. Usually, if a woman likes you, she will say "yes" the first time you ask, although not always. If it appears she has a legitimate reason why she can't go out with you, ask her a second time. If you still get a "no," she is probably not interested.


If you're still not convinced that she likes you, directly ask about her feelings toward you.


Some women are taught that if they play "hard to get," they are less likely to be used for just sex.

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