How to Grow Watermelon Plants

Growing watermelon plants can be a challenge for gardeners. Watermelons are susceptible to damage if the weather gets too cold, and they take up a lot of space--plants need to be several feet apart for proper growth. Read the back of the seed packet for the specific size and growing time for the melons you choose. On average, watermelons mature after 80 days.

Plant one watermelon seed per peat pot a month before the growing season. The back of the seed packet states when the growing season is in your area. Set the pots in the sun and water them daily.

Till or dig up a patch of earth when the growing season starts. The location needs to receive full sunlight. The watermelon seeds should have sprouted; transfer each sprout to the garden by digging a small hole to the level of the medium in the peat pot.

Add compost or fertiliser at least once a week. recommends liquid fertiliser. Water the plants frequently--the soil should always be moist.

Cover the plants if frost is predicted.

Harvest the watermelons when the plant shrivels away from the fruit, the fruit stops growing, or the underside turns yellow.


If you have a very short growing season, start the seeds six weeks to two months early.

Things You'll Need

  • Watermelon seeds
  • Peat pots
  • Trowel
  • Shovel
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