How to Download Celebrity Answering Machine Greetings

When you record your outgoing answering machine message, you probably want to get creative and make people laugh each time they hear your greeting. Instead of recording a traditional message, download and use celebrity answering machine greetings.

Use your mobile phone with Internet access to download and use a celebrity answering machine message. If you want to use the message on your cell phone, you'll want to download it directly onto your phone.

Go to a website that has a selection of celebrity answering machine greetings and messages. On Celebrity Messages (see Resources), you'll find a selection of messages you can use to greet your callers.

Register and buy credit in order to pay for the celebrity answering machine message. The site charges a modest fee to download their collection of messages.

Choose "Answer Tones" from the main menu of Celebrity Messages. Scroll through a list of celebrities and preview the answering machine greeting recorded by that celebrity.

Select "Download Now." After a few minutes, the message will have downloaded onto your phone to use for your celebrity answering machine greeting.


Alltel offers their subscribers a service called Voicemail Max. With this service, you record your voicemail and then the company converts it into the voice of a celebrity. Due to copyright issues, not all of the greetings will have the actual voice of the celebrity. Instead, you'll hear an impression which sounds like the celebrity's voice.

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