How to win on the Break in Pool

In the game of eight ball in pool, it is possible to sink the eight ball on the break and thereby win the game without another shot or another ball being sunk. This is a very difficult shot to make. A shot you are lucky to witness and even luckier to play. Most pool leagues have an award for achieving this luck and recognize it with a special award.

Make sure you have everything as perfect as possible before your break shot. Make sure that you have the rack of balls very tight and that you chalk the tip of your cue. Clear your anxious or nervous movements and focus only on the next shot and the game at hand. Your chances of making the eight ball on the break are slim and all the people that make that shot find that it is out of luck and not a shot they intended to make.

Take aim between the second and third ball back on one side or the other. This shot gives you the best chance of having the eight ball go in on the break. The game you are playing is eight ball and you need to concentrate on getting a solid or a stripe in the pocket thus retaining shooting privilege.

Play your best game and don't worry about the eight ball. The time to worry about the eight ball is at the end of the game when you need to make it to win. There are trick shooters that can make the eight ball on the break more often than pure luck but they play for that fame and not for the love of playing. Enjoy the game for what it is, a game of fun, skill and strategy.

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