How to Iron a Silk Dress

Iron your silk dress to smooth out the wrinkles after washing or if your dress has been in storage for awhile. Handle your silk dress carefully to preserve the delicate fabric and keep it looking nice for years. Your dress should not need ironing much because silk is resilient against wrinkles, but when you do need to iron it, remember that silk requires some special handling.

Place your iron on the lowest heat or silk setting. Some irons consider this the rayon setting. High heat damages the silk fabrics.

Put a piece of light fabric on your ironing board and then place the silk dress right side down on top of the fabric. The fabric helps to absorb the excess heat from the iron.

Test a small, out of sight area of your silk dress with the iron to make sure the heat will not damage your dress and that the iron doesn't stick to it. Decrease the iron's heat if you see damage.

Continue to iron your dress on the fabric and with your iron on low heat setting. If your dress is not wrinkled in some spots, don't run the iron over it to avoid damage to the area.

Hang your silk dress to cool when you're finished ironing.


Place your fabric right side down when ironing. If the fabric looks like it has a metallic looking shine, then place a towel between the silk and the iron to avoid damage.

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