How to find someone's phone number online

Updated April 17, 2017

Need to call a friend? Lost the number? If you have access to the Internet, you're in luck. In the United States, phone numbers are usually a matter of public record unless they are unlisted. While these records include mostly landlines, even mobile phone numbers are becoming easier to find nowadays.

Make sure that you know how to spell the full name of the person in question before you begin your search. Do you have any idea of how many Joe Smiths there are in a single U.S. city, let alone the entire United States or even the world? However, if you know beforehand that the person you are trying to find is named Joseph Tiberias Smith, it will be easier for you to track him down.

Gather as many additional details as you can ahead of time about the person you are trying to find. The more details you know, such as her age, current address and birthday, the easier it will be to narrow down your search.

Go to sites such as Zabasearch or Intelius to search for a person's phone number if that person lives in the United States. These websites provide basic details, such as a person's name, age, current address, phone number and potential relatives, for free. For an extra fee, they allow you access to more advanced background checks, provided either on a one-time or recurring monthly basis. It is up to you to decide if you want to pay for more detailed searches. If you are trying to find someone's phone number, the free services should suffice.

Go to sites that allow you to find both U.S. and international phone numbers. For example, go to Whitepages to find U.S. or Canadian phone numbers; BT or 192 will locate phone numbers in the United Kingdom.

Search for the person you are trying to find on a search engine like Google. Since most business and networking around the world is conducted online, people often publish their resumes on the Internet or provide their contact information on a personal promotional website.

Search for the person you are trying to locate on social networking websites like Facebook or MySpace. This will not only allow you to find more details on the person in general, but you may be able to find his phone number on such a page if he has opted to make it viewable to the general public.

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