How to download TV shows for free

Updated March 23, 2017

Downloading TV shows for free can be tricky because a lot of sites on the Internet advertise it, then charge fees to use their services. You have two options for downloading a TV show for free. You can do it through iTunes or via a TV show's website. Both offer free TV shows.

Download iTunes if you don't have it (see Resources).

Open the iTunes store by clicking "Store."

Click on "TV Shows,"

Look for TV shows with the “Free” label. Click on those icons and they will take you to another page listing the TV show you can download to free. You also can search for free TV shows by putting those three words in the search box at the upper-left corner of the iTunes page.

Select an episode and download it.

Go to the official website of the network that airs the television show you want to download.

Find a link to the show you want to download for free.

Find a link to "Episodes."

Look for free episodes and select the one you'd like to download.


It's good to have an idea of what TV show you want to download for free before you start this process.


If you can't find a free episode of a TV show you want to watch, move on. You can probably download a similar show that is free.

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