How to heal an infected ear piercing

Updated April 17, 2017

Ear piercings are stylish but they can be a lot of work, because the ears easily get infected, and this can happen at any point after the ears are pierced, not just at the time of the piercing. Taking good care of the ears, buying the right kinds of earrings and then taking care of the jewellery as well, makes all the difference in the world.

Leave the earring right where it is. If you remove it while treating the infection it is highly possible that the hole will simply close up again once the infection is gone. Leave the earring in place and perform the treatment around it. The treatment will involve the use of peroxide applied to the front and back of the ear several times each day.

Wear only gold earrings if at all possible, or at least the hypoallergenic kind as those types tend to prevent infections from taking place. Cheaper metals are known for causing difficulties for the wearer. Think about cheap metal rings and how they turn your finger green. The same thing happens to your ear when you wear cheap metal posts in your ears.

Rotate the earring post in the ear several times a day while the ear is healing so that it does not heal right to the posts, making it difficult and painful to remove them. Try a warm salt water bath on the ears for a week or two and see if it helps keep the infection at bay. Salt water is known to help draw out toxins from the body, so it is very possible that the saline will help in infected piercings.

Select only earring posts that are long enough to fit your ear without squeezing the ear lobe. Squeezing makes the ear hurt, and that is something you don't need while trying to heal an infection. Also make sure you clean your earrings thoroughly before wearing them, and if possible, only select earrings that are easy to clean in the first place.

Dip the earring posts in triple antibiotic cream before inserting them into the ears. This can help alleviate the itchiness and redness of the infection. Use hydrogen peroxide on both sides of the ear and apply rubbing alcohol to the infected site. Also, many people have a problem with eczema on their ears. A touch of cortisone cream can help with this condition.


It is possible to find fake pierced earrings that only look like they are going through your ears. These can pinch however, so make sure you get them big enough to fit around your ears without squeezing.


If you use antibiotic cream on your ears, wash your hands thoroughly before you rub your eyes for any reason. Getting the cream in your eyes is extremely painful and needs to be rinsed out immediately. If your ears are extraordinarily sensitive, don't get them pierced again in another location. This is just asking for more trouble.

Things You'll Need

  • Triple antibiotic cream
  • Hydrogen peroxide
  • Sea salt
  • Cotton balls or swabs
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