How to dress for a 70s party

Updated April 17, 2017

So you're going to a seventies party and you don't know what to wear. No problem. This article will guide you through the steps of dressing like you've been there and done that. Here's how to dress for a seventies party.

Start at the top--the top of your head, that is. If you want to dress like you're going to a seventies party, you should start by choosing a hairstyle from that era. What was popular then was the long, straight look, the Shag, the Afro and the mullet.

Move down a bit and focus on your ears next. You may want to wear a pair of peace symbol earrings to get that seventies look. A matching peace symbol necklace would also go well with your seventies outfit. Beads were popular in the seventies, so wearing a beaded choker is something else to consider. You could also tie a colourful scarf around your forehead for that hippie look.

Consider wearing a loose blouse with "angel" sleeves that bell out at the bottom of the sleeve. This style was a hit in the seventies. A poncho is another choice, or a tie-dyed shirt, peasant blouse, or halter top. If you're a guy, you could wear a tie-dye shirt or an army jacket.

Wear a pair of bell-bottomed trousers. Bell-bottomed trousers were trendy in the seventies and were worn by both men and women. You could also consider wearing a pair of denim overalls or tight corduroy slacks. If you're a woman, you may want to wear a pair of gaucho trousers. Hip-hugger trousers, trousers with pin stripes and hot trousers were big in the seventies, too, so any one of these styles will fit the seventies theme.

Wear a maxi dress, a peasant skirt, or a granny gown.

Clad your feet in boots. Boots were hot in the seventies. They especially work well if you're wearing gaucho trousers. Platform shoes were just as popular as boots in the seventies, so you may want to consider wearing a pair of these big shoes to the party.

Think, act and talk like you're back in the seventies.


Watch the television show titled "That 70s Show" to get an idea of how teenagers dressed back then. Resources: Fashion Hairstyles-Women's Seventies Hairstyles

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