How to Have an Italian Themed Party

Mamma Mia, if you're planing an Italian dinner party, then you're in luck. There are so many ways to decorate for italian parties and so many food options, for children and adults. Learn how to plan an Italian party today.

Make or buy Italian party invitations. You can make an Italian themed party invitation by using travel-related scrapbooking supplies. Mount the flag of Italy, or pizza & pasta stickers on the front of all-purpose blank greeting cards. Mail your invitations 2 to 3 weeks before the event.

Plan your Italian dinner party menu. Make a list of appetizers, main courses, side dishes and beverages. Read each recipe thoroughly and be aware of alternative preparation and cooking methods. Also keep an eye out for unconventional ingredients. You might need to research or travel to a speciality grocer to acquire certain ethnic foods and gadgets. Create a written grocery list and timeline for food preparation so that everything is ready in time for the party.

Search for Italian party decorations online or at your local party store. The Italian Flag is red, white and green so streamers in these colours would be fitting. You might also want to consider Tuscan wine party decor. Tuscany is a winemaking region in Italy that's covered in vineyards and small wineries. Decorating with grapevines, bunches of grapes and wine bottles would be fitting for an Italian party.

Call all of your guests a day or so before the party and let them know that you're looking forward to seeing them. This will help eliminate any last-minute back-outs and ensure that all of your food preparation isn't for naught.


Pizza and pasta are traditional Italian party foods, consider also serving Italian desserts like cannoli or gelato.


Some people find garlic, a common ingredient in Italian food, to be spicy. Know which foods are free from garlic in case one of your Italian party guests is sensitive

Things You'll Need

  • Italian cookbook
  • Italian party decorations
  • Invitations
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