How to Find Stage Clothes For Musicians

Updated March 23, 2017

When preparing to perform live, many musicians spend as much time on hair and wardrobe as they do on the sound. Read on for tips on helping a musician dress for the stage.

Listen to the songs that are to be performed that evening. By getting to know the music, one can get to know the appropriate style to go with the songs. Write down any ideas or inspiration that the music gives you.

Speak to the musician about your ideas. Be open-minded and willing to change things. Perhaps he is going for an ironic look, and he may want the clothes to look nothing like someone would assume the singer would be wearing.

Look at thrift shops. If you shop at department stores or chains, the performer may end up in clothes that audience members are also wearing. You want a unique look. Vintage or thrift shops will present a lot of choices. Keep in mind that thrift store clothes can rarely be returned if not liked, so make sure you have an alternative use for chosen clothing if it's rejected by the musician.

Keep in mind the preferences of the musician while shopping. Be open-minded in what you are thinking about for each musician. Perhaps the shy and timid backup singer truly wants to let loose in a Britney Spears-style costume. Listen to what each musician wants, and ask a lot of questions to bring about the truth of her tastes.

Don't try to force a musician to wear something that he is uncomfortable with. Unhappiness on stage can lead to bad playing if the performer loses his passion for the music and performing.

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