How to Make Crepe Paper Bows

Updated November 22, 2016

Crepe paper is a colourful, inexpensive way to decorate for parties. Crepe paper bows can look festive over doorways, on tables or chairs, or as extra large ribbons for gift packages. You can tie a simple, shoelace style bow with crepe paper, or make a puffy or looped bow for a fancier look. Crepe paper does tear fairly easily, so you’ll need to work with it carefully.

Wrap the crepe paper around your hand about six times (or a few more times for a fuller bow). This will make all the loops about the same size.

Cut the crepe paper close to the end of the last loop.

Remove the loops of crepe paper from your hand; be careful not to tear the crepe paper.

Fold the loops of crepe paper in half. Cut off the corners of the folded area, without cutting the loops apart.

Unfold the loops of crepe paper. Tie a piece of string or bow wire tightly around the centre of the loops, where you cut the notches, to hold the bow together.

Pull out one loop at a time and twist it toward you to fluff out the bow. Fluff out all the loops so that the crepe paper bow looks full and even.

Make a large loop in the crepe paper, several inches away from the end to leave a tail for the bow. Hold the loop together with your fingers.

Twist the crepe paper, being careful not to tear it, and make another loop the same size on the opposite side.

Twist the crepe paper again and make a smaller loop on top of the first loop. Twist the crepe paper and make the same size loop on the opposite side. Continue making loops until the bow is as large as you want.

Pinch the centre of the bow between your thumb and forefinger, with your thumb on top of the bow. Wrap the crepe paper over your thumb to make a small loop, then carefully pull your thumb out.

Put a piece of string or bow wire through the small loop on top of the bow. Wrap the string or wire around the bow and tie or twist it together. Cut off the excess string or wire.

Cut off the end of the crepe paper, so that the tail is the same size as the tail on the first side. Trim the ends of the tails at an angle, or cut V-shaped notches in the ends.

Adjust the loops so that the bow looks even. You can leave the loops stacked on top of each other, or gently pull the loops outward to make a fluffier bow.


You may be able to find rolls of inexpensive crepe paper at dollar stores.

Things You'll Need

  • Crepe paper
  • String or bow wire
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